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Welcome to the Aon Celtic Art website!

Featuring the artistic works of international artist Cari Buziak! Find Celtic clothing, prints, posters and jewelry; 1,550 FREE Celtic clip art designs, wedding stationery, Celtic cross stitch patterns, learn Celtic art history and styles and learn how to create a basic celtic knot!
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    New Tutorial! - Painting Materials

    Meg Hudlegump T-Shirts - CLEARANCE!! - last chance to buy T-shirts for at least 2 years!
    Aon Posters - CLEARANCE!! - last chance to buy any posters for at least 2 years!
    Due to an upcoming move I will be too far from a post office to sell products requiring physical shipping. :-(

    Therefore Meg Hudlegump shirts and the 8x10 posters will only be available until the end of January, possible mid February, depending on how my packing goes. These products will be UNAVAILABLE for sale for AT LEAST 2 years, so get 'em while you can! Each poster comes packaged in a cellophane sleeve with hard backing, on luster paper with rich lush colour. They frame up really nicely, and make nice gifts too!

    Trefoil Designs - another new finished!

    Falling Silver Grove - celtic logo design