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     So many times in the past people have asked about advertising on the Aon Celtic site, but I've never found an ad banner system that I was really comfortable with using. Most of those click through banners seem useless, and there's NO control on my end or any assurances that the banners that got posted up would be appropriate for my website, which has a large age range of viewers, even down to the young teens! I didn't want to end up with ad banners filled with porn flashing on every page of my site!!

     Finally I've found a company (Project Wonderful) that has a really unique way of doing banners. Not only is their system of determining pricing really fair (it's more like an auction... highest bidder gets their ad displayed, you can bid whatever you want, bid manually or set a limit for proxy bidding like you do on eBay), but I have complete control over what ads get displayed.

     So now none of us need to worry what kind of creepy ads will be displayed on the site! Nobody has to worry about whether their ad is going to end up next to some porno ad! No worries about a brothel setting up shop in our 'neighborhood'! ;-)

     So on the key pages of the Aon website that receive the maximum links and hits, I've set up a little stack of ad banners (117pixels x30pixels) which you can bid on to have your banner displayed. The great thing is that if nobody is bidding against you... you can have your ad displayed for free! How cool is that? If you click on the ad boxes it will give you information on how to sign up so you can bid, and also view the page views and unique users my site receives to evaluate your advertising 'bang for buck'. If you have any questions about the ads themselves, or Project Wonderful and how they are to work with etc, just pop me a note. :-)