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Group Photo of The 'Diggers', Roscommon

      This was us! On site at the dig, on the last day. I'm sort of in the middle, with the red hair and the yellow coat...

The Dig Site, Roscommon

      All the diggers digging...you see in the foreground the screening trays are put inside the pits. They used to sit of those huge dirt mounds in the background, but near the end of the dig we moved them into the finished pits to start filling them up again.

Outside the Church of the Dead Sheep, Roscommon

      This church was behind the Strokestown Parkhouse, and wasn't really called the Church of the Dead Sheep. *I* call it that, because the place had a million dead sheep bones all over the floor inside! And no sign of a firepit (for poachers), no huge walls where sheeps could have fallen in to break a leg and die there...just a bunch of bones all over the ground! Very odd...and sort of creepy.

Inside the Church of the Dead Sheep, Roscommon

      Here's an inside shot looking out the doorway you see above. At this angle you can't see the sheep bones...but they're there! ;-)

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