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The Entrance to Hell, Roscommon

      This was a long narrow limestone cave that me and a friend from the dig went through. It had a very small opening...basically you had to lay down on the ground and slip down on your butt! It was very muddy inside, but high enough so you could stand up after you got in. The gaelic name for it was Owaynagat, but locally folks just called it the "Cave" or "Hell". Now I want a t-shirt...you know..."Been through Hell and Back".

Inside Hell, Roscommon

      A view of the doorway to Hell from just inside. That stone you see right at the top of the photo also had ogham writing on it, but it didn't show up in the photo. This is the same cave that my favorite poet, Sir Samuel Ferguson, went through and recorded!

Hells' Hallway, Roscommon

      A view of the cave as we left the opening and ventured deeper. I'm glad we bought a torch for the trip at the petrol station...it was so dark and it went on forever!

Saint Barry's Well, Roscommon

      A shot of the holy well near our dig site. You can see a painting of this in the Artwork section.

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