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Barrow at Tara, Meath

      A burial mound at Tara. Too bad they locked off the doorway, huh? ;-) Now *that'd* be an adventure!

Stone of Destiny - Lia Fail, Meath

      The famous Stone of Destiny...the Lia Fail! Sitting right on top of the Hill of Tara. Ancient kings of Ireland had to ride by the stone on their chariots, so close that the hub of their chariot wheel touched the stone. If the stone cried out, then they were accepted as the true king of Ireland!

Trim Castle, Meath

      Trim Castle...we arrived too early to go on a tour through it, unfortunately. Astute eyes will recognize this castle from the movie Braveheart...it was used as a double for the Scottish castle.

Kooky Tree, Meath

      A funky little tree on the side of the road, near Tara. The tree was only about 2 feet tall, but was just so strange that I had to take a photo!

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