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Entrance to Newgrange, Meath

      Famous Newgrange!! This is the entrance to the burial mound, showing a tour group going through. We were the next group to follow, so we had about ten minutes to wander around while the first group was inside. Here you can see the roof-box, above the doorway, which is where the dawn light shines through on the morning of the Winter Solstice.

The Beehive Hut, Meath

      This was an odd little hut right to the left of Newgrange, on the same grounds. No plaque was set up to explain what the heck it was, and our tour guide didn't mention it at all...it was just there. I have no idea even if it's new or ancient! It looked cool though...

Inside the Beehive Hut, Meath

      A shot of the first inner chamber of the Beehive Hut, as I call it. ;-)

Burial Mounds at Knowth, Meath

      A shot of the burial mounds at Knowth, a burial tomb site near Newgrange. Knowth has even more mounds than Newgrange, and gave up even cooler artifacts! They're still excavating it now, and you can't see it in the photo but there's a bunch of scaffolding off to the right on the main mound.

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