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Sous-Terrain Entrance at Knowth, Meath

      A sous-terrain entrance on the side of the burial mound at Knowth. Throughout the years many people used the mounds for their own purposes...burial chambers, a fort, monastic settlement during Christianity...the Christian monks defaced many of the stones with carvings of the Christian cross and their names during their stay. This sous-terrain would have been used by monks to hide food in, or to sneak out during attack.

Cross Slabs at the Seven Churches, Inismore

      This was a church site on one of the Aran Islands, Inismore. Inismore is the largest of the 3 islands, and I spent a day there touring around with a friend. The Seven Churches site, as it's called, doesn't really have the ruins of seven churches there, but did have some great examples of slab crosses!

High Cross Fragment at Seven Churches, Inismore

      A portion of a High Cross base in the same area as above. I wish the rest was left to it. :-(

Climbing Dun Angeus, Inismore

      My exercise while is Ireland was a lot of walking and climbing, and lugging my bags around. Here's one of my larger treks...up the mountain to Dun Angeus! For a lazy poop like me...this was quite the hike! ;-)

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