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View From Dun Angeus, Inismore

      A view off the cliffs of Dun Angeus. It was so high! I didn't want to get to close unless the cliff face broke off beneath me...that'd be just my luck! What a wonderful view though...

Swans on Galway Bay, Galway

      Near the end of my stay in Ireland I went to Galway for about 4 days or so. I took walks from my hostel all around Galway Bay and the shops there, and couldn't believe all the swans! No wonder there's all those tales of swan in Ireland...there were hundreds! Imagine a flock like seagulls or pigeons...only they're swans. Huge! And they beg for food like any seagull I've ever seen, only they look so great doing it you don't really mind. ;-) So this is a shot of Galway Bay, with some swans.

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