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  • Here are just a few of the great Celtic books out there! The ones listed here are available online from Amazon Books, for pretty good rates too. Most orders are shipped within a couple of days, and the expected ship date is listed with each book title.

  • Although I try to keep up to date with the prices listed here, Amazon Books can change them within a moment, so double check the price when you place your order.

  • Celtic Zodiac and Astrology


    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Paganism
      • Carl McColman / Paperback / Published 2000
      • Usually ships within 24 hours
      • Amazon Price: $13.27, Savings: $2.99 (20%)

      • There's a funny story about this book. I was at a convention where I sat in on a wicca and paganism panel, and they kept referring to this book over and over as THE book to get. They said it had no fluff and fantasy nonsense, but good hard core information and that it was the best book for beginners or folks with an interest to get their feet wet. Well! Nobody mentioned the author's name, and later, as Carl and I were chatting about a private project we were doing, I saw his list of past books and said OH! You're THAT Carl! It was so funny I never put two and two together. Carl that I knew and the Carl of the book. Anyhow, despite my senile moment, here's the book they were all talking about! (Cari)

    By Oak, Ash & Thorn : Modern Celtic Shamanism (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom)
      • D. J. Conway, Anna-Marie Ferguson (illustrator) / Paperback / Published 1995
      • Usually ships within 24 hours
      • Amazon Price: $10.47, Savings: $4.48 (30%)

      • By Oak, Ash, and Thorn provides everything you need to know to become a Celtic shaman of individual style. Conway starts with a chapter on the character of the shaman and what one should expect of oneself and works into meditation exercises, initiation, vision quests, healing journeys such as mending the fractured soul, and connecting with the Gods and Goddesses. Also included is a section on divinatory methods such as the Ogham alphabet and Celtic stone symbols. The author offers her own amazing experiences as a practicing shaman, and provides her own unique theories on some of the many debatable facets of Celtic philosophy and spirituality. All in all, this is an excellent book that will thoroughly prepare you for your journeys through the Otherworld. (-anon.)

      • Holy cow if I had a penny for every time someone referenced this book to me! I don't know too much about this end of things, but Carl's book (above) and this one seem to be the ones that everyone recommends on their book list, or referneces to me when they write about a design or commission. :-) (Cari)

    The Celtic Lunar Zodiac : How to Interpret Your Moon Sign
      • Helena Paterson, Margaret Walty (illustrator) / Paperback / Published 1997
      • Ships within 1-2 days
      • Amazon Price: $7.49 (new and used)

      • I love this book! Lots of great information all organized into sections, and Margaret's illustrations are nothing short of gorgeous. When I first bought it, I actually only bought it for the art... but have since used it to reference a lot of other things as well (and did I mention the lovely art?!). (-Cari)

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