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  • Free clip art for PERSONAL or NONPROFIT purposes. Larger black and white versions are provided for custom coloring. Feel free to download what you like, although if you use it on your web page a link back to my page or a credit on your site is necessary for copyright reasons, plus is just nice of ya. ;-) Link Banners are available for linking to the site.

  • All other graphics on this site are under copyright protection and are not available for use on other websites, including but not limited to the e-mail button, divider bars, decorative graphics and headers, "New" button and other buttons, scroll navigation bar, and background pattern.

  • For business uses, the clip art pieces are available for most uses for $75 US for color, or $50 for black and white, with which you receive a license for use and a high resolution black and white and/or color version of the image. "Nonprofit" use means you have a nonprofit org number issued by your government (please send in this number so I can log your status as 'okay'). Copyright credit must still be given in all cases. Any questions about usage or licensing of the clip art can be e-mailed to me.

  • COLLECT THEM ALL! - download all the clip art at once with the Clip Art Bundle (by download only, 72dpi). Includes free updates of any added clip art in the future. Only $15 US!!

  • Wedding Stationery Sets - at print resolutions, check out the Gift Shop to see the different patterns and color sets.

  • 8x10 Clip-art Posters - you can order posters of any piece of clip art you see here! Posters are $15.00 (includes postage), and may be ordered from my on-line order form. Once the order is received I'll contact you about which image you'd like! You can also order clip-art posters using the 2-Poster Special option, if you'd like to get two for a special price.



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