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  • Aon Cari Celtic is a Celtic font based on uncial calligraphy. This basic version is free and may be shared and used for any purpose, including publication.
  • Basic Character Set: Aon Cari Celtic comes with a complete upper and lower case alphabet, numbers, and some standard punctuation. These are all accessible by normal keyboard keys, and do not require any special command keys.
  • Special Characters: The font also has some additional characters that you can use. These include swash characters and some alternate character shapes to choose from. Check your Read Me PDF included in the download for more information on how to access these characters.
  • Trouble Shooting: WhileAon Cari has been tested on both Mac and PC systems, gremlins may occur despite they traps we've laid for them. If you are having trouble installing your font, check the manual for your particular computer type to make sure you're not forgetting anything. Also, I have included here some tips that may help if all else fails, or you're experiencing other troubles with the font.
  • If while using the special character sets of letters with the extended limbs (the swash characters), you notice that the swash limbs are being truncated, try adding a space after the letter. Aon Cari Celtic extended characters are designed to kern like the regular letters, so they can be included within a body of text. However, if it is *not* followed by something, either a carriage return, another letter, or punctuation, then the extended limb may be cut off. Adding an extra space after it will give it enough room to allow for the extended limb.
  • PC Special Character Access: On a PC the alternate characters can be accessed with the alt key and a set of numbers. By pressing the numlock key and holding down 'alt', enter the correct numeric sequence on your number pad. These numbers will depend on which OS you're running and your language set, so check your Help files in Word for your special access numbers.
  • While I've done everything I can to try to ensure that the special character set is available for everyone, it may not be supported by a few word processing programs out there. The regular text should still show up, but you may not have access to the special set with the extended characters. This is a freeware font and no tech support is provided.