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A series of gilded keepsake paintings that I've made, all featuring either faux gold, faux silver or pure copper leaf on handmade papers. All the works are named after places in Ireland, although they have no traditional ties between the particular name and the design chosen. Each piece is intended as a keepsake piece, a small work that will fit on a desk, mantle or wall. While of course you can treat yourself with the purchase of one, the series developed after a friend commented that there was nothing available in Celtic art for gift giving that was affordable, unless you bought a print or some mass produced thing like a poster etc. So I thought it'd be really special to have a small work like this, still an original piece of art and handmade, and not so big that it'll bust the bank to have it framed in a nice frame if you desire.

Keepsake Series

- Leaf on handmade paper

- Matted, unframed


Copyright Cari Buziak, 2007