Now your end caps are on all the corners and your knot is almost finished. Begin to make the lines of our knot interweave. Each line as it interweaves must go over, and then under, any other line it intersects as you follow its path. To start your over/unders, pick a point of intersection on your knot. It doesn't matter where. At this intersection, erase part of the double lines to one of the ropes of knot, making the illusion of one rope passing over the other.

Continue to follow one rope of knot, erasing as you go, alternating whether it goes over or under the next rope it meets. If you reach the end of the knots path, and there are still lines of over/under that haven't been erased, don't worry. This just means that your knot actually has more than one continuous strand of rope in it. Simply pick an unerased intersection and look at the other ones around it. If the rope leading into the intersection has just come from under another rope, you need to erase your lines so it now passes over this one. It should then continue to pass under the next line.

View an animation of the overall process.

View some general variations.

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