This variation is made inside of a circular shape, which I marked off on my graph paper with a compass. Again, using the methods in the last Tutorial, you can dress up the knot a bit with more bends and turns using walls. Notice how the "U" bends along the edges of each quadrant of the knot were elongated a bit, so they reach to touch the edge of the circle. This is one of the modifications you will have to do to a knot to make it fit within a circle nicely. Also, the bends to either side of the "U" bends have been tucked in more, to make them fit within the circle better.

This example is again within a circular shape. I started out with a larger circular area to allow for the extra detail I wanted to include. Then, using more walls and finishing the knot off as usual, I altered the "U" bends and other edges as needed to make it fit within the circle nicely.

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