Below you'll find samples from past and current projects with my long list of wonderful clients. My thanks to you all, I've enjoyed working with you and creating all these wonderful products and designs!

Colouring Heaven - adult colouring magazine (Issue 47)

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Gardens)

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Nature Designs - 'best of' collection!)

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Christmas)

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Fantasy Designs)

Dover Publications - how-to Celtic animals design book

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Animal Designs)

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Alphabet Designs)

Dover Publications - cross-stitch charts book

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Crosses)

Dover Publications - how-to Celtic art design book

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Trees of Life)

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Mandalas)

Dover Publications - adult colouring book (Celtic Nature Designs - *DELUXE* edition!)

Interweave Press - how-to calligraphy and art book

Coloring for Tranquility - cover art

Book of Jonah - book cover

Dyke Design Procedures - book and cover design

Ciaran Broadway Poster - promotional sample

Musikapa/EleFun-Games - Celtic computer game

Government of Canada - artwork for the Library and Archives dept

Harper Collins UK - cover art

Llewellyn Worldwide - interior illustrations for 'Lore of the Bard'

Llewellyn Worldwide - 'Llewellyn's 2003 Wicca Almanac' illustration

Chronicle Books - artwork for Book of Kells rubber stamp kit

The Beltane Papers - interior black and white illustrations

Plaid Enterprises - Christmas Celtic Rub-Down Transfers

Penguin/Pearson Publishing - cover art for Complete Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom

Silverthorne Games - artwork for RPG company

The Anvil Awards - illustrations in advertising awards program guide

Mythic Entertainment - Dark Age of Camelot manual graphics

From the Heart of Ireland - interior illustrations

Barrons Educational Series/Quarto Publishing - artwork featured

Meehl Foundation Press - cover art and jacket design

Xulon Publishing - book cover illustration

The Upper Room - interior illustration work

Wild Welsh Women - CD cover illustration

Emerald Ball - Japan gala program guide artwork

Laurie Riley - cover art for harping books

Sacred Gateways - art used on music CD cover

Towers of Brierley - artwork used on book cover

Irish Wedding Traditions - Celtic cross information

The Raven - book cover illustration

What the Irish Goddess Told Me - interior illustrations

The Angel Band - CD cover and liner illustrations

The Gathering - prop design for movie proposal

The Perfect Irish Gift - certificate and print products

Mystic Harmony - CD cover and liner design

EsoTerrana RPG - tarot card design

Hartford CT - St. Patrick's Day parade cover

The Resurrection Life Study Bible - bible cover

Good News Publishers - bible cover

Arima Publishing - illustrations

KG Real Estate

Skewlines Logo

Lochbuie Farms


Alaria Life Coaching

Muintir Ginealach

Celtic Roots Highland Dancers

Celtic Knot Brewing

Falling Silver Grove

TLC Legacy Planning

High Ground Geoscience

Fitness Arts Center

Matt Hill

Celtic Harvest Festival

Gaelic Aviation Consultants

Steadfast Foundation

The Center for Hispanic Ministry

Granby Dance Studio

The Shire

Alaria Moss Gypsy Horses


Pleasure The Priestess

Artemis Earthware

Love Medicine

Callahan Investment Properties

Crane Irish Dance

Tara School of Irish Dancing

Fiddlin' Blarney

J. Tierney Associates

Family Reformation Church

Sean McCoy

Praxis Center

Nashoba Grace Community Church

Artisan Mechanical LLC

Camelot Andalusians

Til'Nara Legacy

Silver Glade TV series

Celtic Construction LLC


An Solas

Keltik Darts

Maureen Cox


Capercaillie Pipeband

Celtic Dolphin

Highlander - the Series Legacy 2000

Fior Uisce bottled Irish spring water

Center for Women & Children's Integrative Medicine

International Society of Folkharpers & Craftsmen

Gallowglass Prints

The Lath'roug Saga

Otter's Holt / Crooked Mile

Dark Solstice

Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild

Association of Sewn Alberta Products

Handfasting Site

Last Wizards

Carl McColman

Celtic Wool Creations

Family Roots

Eclectic Creations

Ink Stains With Roni

Ben Simmes


Asspocket Productions

Heritage Rubber Stamps

Amazing Arts Stamps

Lucibelle's Stamps

Rubbernecker Stamp Co.

Heather's Stamping Haven

I Brake for Stamps

Non Sequitur Rubber Stamps

Stitchitize - machine embroidery designs

Adorable Ideas Embroidery - machine embroidery designs

Heaven and Earth Designs - cross stitch charts

Windstar Embroidery - machine embroidery designs

Lena Lawson Needlepoint - artwork for needlepoint charts

Great Notions - machine embroidery designs

The Ring Lord - chain mail wrapped tag kits

Pewter Dropshipping - pewter jewelry

Metal Arts Group - silver jewelry

GETi - celtic rings

Patagonia Gifts - silver jewelry

Fashion IQ - Celtic belt buckles

Apples of Gold - ring and pendant design - custom rings

Adventures Leather - leather made gifts

ErzFiend/Larp Fashion - leather armour

Red Tail Crafters - Tree of Life giftware

Oscha Slings - Tree of Life fabric baby slings

Loome Fabrics - Celtic upholstery fabrics

Wyrmwick Creations - Celtic armour

Spoonflower - fabric, wallpaper, and giftwrap

Celtic Connection - t-shirts

Kohl's Department Store - t-shirts

Revolution Cycle Jewelry - bike jewelry!

Battle Ready - leather armor and products

Ceolmhor Pathtags - pathtag design

Pathtag Designs - more pathtags using my work

Baltimore Running - T-shirt design

Signals Gifts - wedding blessing print

Milestone Cube - woodturned keepsakes

Harp Decals - decals for instruments

Healy Engraving - glass engraving

Calligraphic Studio - wedding invitations

Documents & Design - wedding stationary

Creative Images 4U - personalized wedding stationary

Stencil Kingdom - stencils

Silver Creek Industries - stained glass products

Lochrann's Irish Pub and Eatery - t-shirt design

Celtic Fashions - clothing and bags

Old Bean Products - Celtic tie designs

Scrappy Celtics - Celtic scrapbooking supplies

Eireware - embroidered clothing

Jo Schwartz Woodburning - woodburned panels

Isle of Man Coin - geocoin

Luthier Supply - instrument inlays

Three Wishes Vineyard - wine labels

Morgan's Corner Wines - wine labels

Fitz Designs - ceramic plates

Graphics for The Realms of Exile - RPG graphics

Music of the Rivers - logo/merchandise design

Nirvana Candles - candles

Rising Suns - sarongs and wallhangings

Future Heirlooms - quilt patterns

Puddle Lodge Crafts - foil seals and stickers

Caledonian Creations - sporran artwork

Rivendell Glass - stained glass sun catchers

Brigid's Well - John Barleycorn merchandise design

Highlander Radio - t-shirt design

Aon Irish Dance Dresses - dress designs available to dressmakers

Trefoil Designs - artwork for dressmaker

Coleman Academy - logo & school dress design

Kathleen Day - dress bodice design

Trionoide Academy of Irish Dance - school dress design

Carney Academy of Irish Dance - school t-shirt design

Irish Dance World's Competition 2006 and 2007 - artwork for stage backdrop

Celtic Originals - one-of-a-kind solo dress designs

Irwin School of Irish Dancing - school dress designs

Blakey School of Irish Dance - school dress designs

Blakey School of Irish Dance, Saskatoon - school dress designs

Jenny Lee Hoffman - school dress designs

Needle & Thread - solo dress design

Commissioned Irish Dance Dress - solo dress design

Irish Dance Dress Designs - dresses sewn by indie companies

Celtic Dance Designs - solo dress designs

Birdwood - wooden sign design

Raven Blade - blade etching design

Denz's Tattoos - tattoo designs

Bible Slip Cover - cross design and slip cover

Scottish Master Athletics - targe trophy design

Celtic Shamrock - tattoo design

Faith Tattoo - tattoo design

Hummingbird Soundboard - harp illumination

Briarwood Project - Celtic interior design

Celtic Horse Halter - silver and gold halter designs

SnowHawk - harp soundboard design

Ballykilcline Project - archeaology dig in Ireland

Celtic Rose Tattoo - tattoo design

Handmade Egyptian Chessboard

Celtic Paws Tattoo - tattoo design

Celtic Knot Tattoo - tattoo design

Celtic Hounds Tattoo - tattoo design

Torc Tattoo - tattoo design

Honor Tattoos - tattoo design

Celtic Wedding Gown - with Elizabeth Chambers

Illuminated Sword Scabbard - with Brian Frank

Berry Knot Bowl - with John Bailey

Bird & Spiral Plate - with John Bailey

Celtic Cross Plate - with John Bailey

Celtic Ladle - celtic ladle design with John Urban