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The Glebe House

      This is a painting of the Glebe house as it appears from the back, standing on the lane on the way to the excavation field.

Turf Barrow - Old

      This is what's left of a turf barrow that was found (I think in someone's barn or something). A turf barrow is an ingenious wheel barrow sort of thing, where the peat blocks were stacked after being cut from the ground. After being stacked, they were wheeled away to a dry storage area where they were dried out and kept for fuel. This was all that was left of the poor barrow, so we decided that it'd make a great example of "archaeological reconstruction".

Turf Barrow - New

      So here's our turf barrow again, this time all put back together as it would have been when new. Using memories and interviews of folks who had seen a whole barrow, I was able to create this barrow. The turf barrow would have likely been used by the 19th Century inhabitants of Ballykilcline to cut and carry their peat as well.

Ballykilcline Logo

      We were having so much fun sketching and painting things on the dig that I was asked to create the "Centre for The Study of Rural Ireland" logo. It pictures a vine and chalice motif with little purple shamrock leaves and thistle heads, a cooking cauldron, and an old urn. This type of urn was especially significant to the Ballykilcline project, as we found many fragments of this shape of pottery on the dig site.

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